It is a cliché to say that no one chooses to be homeless and that there is a different story behind every homeless person. We know that some have lost their homes because they have experienced a family breakdown, or have mental health or addiction problems or they have lost their jobs and face unmanageable housing costs.

It is not a cliché to say that for a homeless person the path back to independence and security is difficult, if not impossible, to find on one’s own. As unthinkable as it is to be without a home, the worst part of homelessness may be being marginalized: ignored and excluded from the opportunity to re-integrate and to regain the opportunities and resources one once enjoyed. Fortunately, there are people who care and places that can offer shelter and a map back to independence. The following links provide insight into the nature and scope of our homelessness problem in Canada and one in particular, the Ottawa Mission, offers you the opportunity to reach out and make a difference. Please do!

Canadian Homelessness Research Network (
The Homeless Hub (
Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa (
The Ottawa Mission (